Evaluation & Feedback System

If you have presented a workshop, follow the links below to access the feedback your participants will have sent you. You will be receiving email warnings to inform you of any new feedback and at the page linked in this list you will always find the updated complete list of feedback. Each presenter will be able to access ONLY the page concerning their workshop for obvious reasons of privacy.

Right after the end of each workshop, participants will have the possibility to give a feedback through the website dedicated to the TF Jordan 2019. the presenter will automatically and immediately receive the feedback on his/her email.

These contributions might be useful for an auto-evaluation that we will ask, as a team, the presenter to do through another online service of the website, accessible through a button that will be showed on the homepage when logged in. We will kindly ask all the presenters to not leave the TF Jordan 2019 without doing it, being a fundamental contribution of the general evaluation of the event that the team will have at the end of the fair while the participants are leaving. 

Below an example of the evaluation system used for a recent edition. Workshops will change of course and possibly also the feedback questions, but the system will stay the same.