4-8 October 2021 | Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

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Take a look at the tools uploaded by the Tool Fair XV participants that will be showcased during the "Tool Workshops" sessions


  • DEMO - citizenship simulator

    Vilja Arató

    DEMO is an innovative board game, combining the classic tablet game with a mobile application. The players are forming an imagined community facing various social problems, which they need to solve by applying various forms of civic engagement.

  • Cercar-te Rugby School

    Nuno Ferreira

    The tool consists of a sport-based intervention, centered on the practice of rugby.
    Through its inherent and unique characteristics, the practice of rugby allows the participants a wide range of learning, promoting interaction and integration.

  • Day by Day

    Anna Siegler

    An online game that allows the player to follow the typical days of a teenager looking for love. During the story, we face the challenges of social/school life and experience the power of microaggression through the lens of a bystander.

  • DigEmotion Map

    Réka Szirtesi-Nagy

    This tool gives insight into what type of emotions can come up during online programs, how to recognize and formulate them, and how to be prepared as trainers to deal with them. The foundations of the tool are based on concepts from experiential learning.

  • Escape4Change - The phantom menace

    Pasquale Lanni

    Escape4Change is a methodology in which the escape room is transformed and adapted into a powerful educational tool. The participants play in a cooperative context, to address socio-cultural and environmental issues connected to the UN Agenda2030.

  • EYE Cards

    Jo Claeys

    The EYE Cards is a set of 52 playcards to support the design and the implementation of youth exchanges, with the full participation of the different stakeholders. A multifunctional card deck, tackling a variety of subjects.

  • Gather - Interactive e-learning space

    Ken Tilk

    GatherTown is a web based communication hub that uses users creativity and teamwork to build and design a perfect online space for the group or class.
    Laptop or a tablet is needed for this workshop

  • Getting started with digital innovation in youth work

    Colin Van Noordt

    In this workshop, participants are introduced with various opportunities of digital public sector innovation in youth work. Following the introduction, participants will work hands-on to find an innovative digital solution to a key issue they are facing.

  • HEART: resilience tools with arts&outdoors

    Zsuzska Juhász

    HEART is an innovative collection of 84 easy-to-use tools to tackle symptoms of stress and anxiety. They are based on the synergetic integration of profound disciplines - expressive arts, outdoor education - for raising the level of well-being.

  • HOP on the SALTO educational platform!

    Snežana Bačlija Knoch

    The HOP (based on newest Moodle software) fosters online learning in Erasmus+ Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps programmes. It offers growing number of online courses targeting different aspects of European youth work.

  • Making it matter - the impact of volunteering on social inclusion

    Jelena Kamenko Mayer

    The manual for measuring the impact is a simple tool for regular monitoring and evaluation of impact of volunteering on social inclusion that is evidence based, linking volunteer experience and its benefits with the impact on overall people’s well-being.

  • Me & You & Everyone We Know

    Andrea Rampini

    This set of cards is a tool to facilitate educational conversations about violence in intimate relationships among teenagers and adult people. An opportunity to investigate power, gender and interpersonal relationships in a supportive school environment.

  • Ocupa-te Mais/Geração Global

    Eduardo Rodrigues

    Pre-training or school integration programme that aims to the aquisition of personal, social and group competences and human rights for NEET young people. The goal is to promote a sucessfull integration of these young people through a 6 month programme.

  • ON or OFF - Easy to Change Activities That Work Well in Online and Offline Environment

    Dorottya Salamon

    Let's try training activities together offline and online too! Which method serves the goals of the activity better? What are the pros and cons? In this WS we will talk about jolly joker activities that can be adapted to online platforms with ease.

  • - put Q! in your international youth project

    Tony Geudens

    Put more Q! in your international youth projects. Rate an existing project according to the European quality principles, or co-create (with your partners) a project online following 16 project questions + tons of resources at your fingertips!

  • R.E.A.D.Y. to Overcome

    Hala Najm

    “R.E.A.D.Y. to Overcome- online” is a psychosocial support (PSS) program for children 7-11 years who have passed through stressful events-e.g-COVID-19 lockdowns.It consists of 10 online sessions that use arts&crafts to develop skills & cope with emotions.

  • The 4 Headed Monkey

    Javi Quilez

    In this activity we will explore VALUES and discover how react when others react to them.

    We start by analyzing which one are our values by using the tool "value Cards".

    Then we can start to play the boardgame to discover other people values.

  • THOR The heart of reflection

    Igor Spetic

    THOR is a universal reflection tool containing three components for:
    1. Personal reflection
    2. Reflection in a small group (family, team), peer reflection
    3. Reflection in large groups (debriefing) THOR - the house of reflection

  • Tool box Pro(g)Natura

    Isabel Duque

    This Tol Box aims to replicate the Pro(g)Natura methodology, a program that uses 8 outdoor sessions and 8 programming sessions in Scratch language, targeting children from 6 to 10 years old.

  • Training Young Tutors - A pratical handbook on peer work

    Ana Nogueira

    "Training Young Tutors - A pratical handbook on peer work" is a tool that can be used by an animator that wants to work with a group of teenagers in order to train them on peer work/education, based on the promotion of mutual help and active listening.