4-8 November 2019 | Rovaniemi, Finland

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Take a look at the tools uploaded by the Tool Fair XIV participants that will be showcased during the "Tool Workshops" sessions


  • Digital storytelling

    Sanjin Smajlović

    Digital Storytelling (DS) at its most basic core is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. DS is an innovative pedagogical approach that can engage students in deep and meaningful learning.

  • Eggbot

    Chloe Souter

    The EggBot is a numerically controlled machine which is able to transfer digital designs to spherical objects, such as ping pong balls or eggs.

  • EuroSzanse (EuroOpportunities)

    Teodor Sobczak

    EuroSzanse is a board game, that aims to present a very wide mobility offer for Youth in Poland in a very short time(45m).Game acquaints the participants with the programs, allows them to understand their goals and encourages the use of mobilities.

  • EUtopia Discovery Lab

    Liga Rudzite

    This tool is an experience consisting of a series of individual and group activities, which mimic the learning process of the long-term youth work lab EUtopia and invite participants to meaningfully reflect on diversity in their work with young people.

  • Facilitating sport and peace session using sport-based games

    Tornike Chargeishvili

    Sport is a tremendous way to bring children and youth together for the purposes of
    of peace building, life skills education and behavioral change. This method explains how to use it through carefully planned and facilitated sport and peace session

  • FullFeel My Needs - a card game to practice the vocabulary of feelings and needs for Nonviolent Communication

    Marta Skorczynska

    The non- violent giraffes got lost in between feelings and needs. Help them to understand and be understood. Find all the giraffes of your herd (blue or red) on the field board.
    Be careful with the jackal.
    The aim: Discover the location of your giraffe.

  • How to talk to young people about sexual violence and grooming.

    Mika Pietilä

    In this activity participants will test "discussion cards" which are developed to help youth work professionals and volunteers to talk to and with young people about sexual violence and grooming.

  • Mirror - Solution Focused Positive Feedback Cards

    Réka Szirtesi-Nagy

    Mirror is a deck of cards that consists of 30 pictures and unfinished sentences; on the back side it looks like a postcard. It is a solution focused feedback tool that enables people to connect and communicate better with each other.

  • Nature and emotional intelligence

    Sybren Bouwsma

    The tool consists of different workshops that are directed to increase the emotional intelligence and the personal development of young people with the use of natural elements, it mostly takes place in an outdoor setting.

  • Recycled music making

    Marija Fridl Grosicki

    Youth are making music instruments from waste materials. Further, they make music in different ways, depending on their needs and the informal learning goals set. Musicioning activities are followed by guided reflection and group analysis.

  • School Council

    Ilektra Diakolamprianou

    School Council is an eduLARP activity targeted at youth workers who work in the field of youth active participation, and designed to help them approach more deeply the issue of youth apathy and reluctance to engage actively in civic/political action.

  • Sounds of Silence

    Gergo Kiss

    Sounds of Silence is a collection of tools and methods, where the technique of silence is used to improve concentration skills as a tool for enhanced learning and deeper attention in today's accelerated world.

  • Street Caravan: Youth, resilience and non-formal education

    Aly Sassi

    The Street Caravan is a socio-educational street animation tool, carried by young people, in process of re-affiliation. The aim is to support the resilience of young people through their involvement in strengthening the social bond (social cohesion).

  • System Thinking

    Barbara Földi

    This is a complex process about group and individual work, about communication and inclusion. Participants have to create an object together with certain rules given before. They develop creativity, communicatoin and social skills during the process.

  • The Big Brain Box: Memory Maze edition

    Carmen Ionita

    The Big Brain Box is a science communication tool, based on the concept of a portable escape room. It challenges team of players to solve a series of 10 puzzles in order to unlock key messages about the brain and memory research.

  • Touch and Learn Sensory Organs with Makey Makey

    Ayfer Alper

    The learning tool is developed by using Makey Makey with Scratch coding program.Youngers and teachers can develop their own learning tool and then they play as a game for interactive learning.

  • YouTrain - fresh videos for non-formal education

    Marcus Vrecer

    "YouTrain- fresh videos for non-formal education" is a set of short and easy-to-digest video tutorials on methods of non-formal education, as well as on general considerations in non-formal education.

  • Zoom into communication

    Peter Huray

    The Zoom tool is a method based on Story cards that supports development of communication skills based on descriptive language. The tool is suitable for training activities aimed on communication, conflict resolution and cooperation.