12-16 November 2018 | Split, Croatia

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Take a look at the tools uploaded by the Tool Fair XIII participants that will be showcased during the "Working with tools" sessions


  • #BrianTheOnion

    Michele Di Paola

    A simple digital storytelling activity, using instagram pictures / videos and some hashtags.
    It may be used to open up discussions and increase awareness on how online pictures and video may have impact and leave traces, differences from reality etc.

  • At the Pearly Gates

    Ana Maria Andrioaie

    A successful entrepreneur dies and reaches the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter opens his Book of Life and notices a series of ethical breaches in the running of his business. The entrepreneur is sent back to Earth to make ammends. You can continue his story.

  • Back to basic. Community planning in locality.

    Szilvia Nyers

    A community planning exercise in three steps. When participants collect their ideas about community, interactive way. They move together like friends, build up an ideal space where everybody can live well and name a local case to work on as change makers.

  • Check-Cohesion

    Ola Al Samhoury

    Have you ever set a plan and were about to accomplish your goals until you made a wrong step that costed you time and effort?
    Strategic decision making is challenging to reach our goals.
    If you are up to the challenge then Check-Cohesion is your choice

  • Clips 4 thought. Visible, Critical Thinking

    Javier Martinez

    Visible Thinking is a broad and flexible framework for enriching meaningful learning. A selection of resources based on videos, reasoning topics and critical thought to motivate young people, raise awareness and stimulate learning will be shown.

  • Dignity W@rld

    Zoltán Mester

    Dignity W@rld is a place for online games about human rights and our wolrd. You can discover global issues, you can learn new things trough playing games and you can share your thoughts with a multicultural community of players.

  • E...U... European Identity

    Anais Scaffidi Domianello

    Team quiz on anecdotes and fun facts about European Union history, to discover values of european identity and stimulate a personal and group reflection that could lead to raise more awareness and activation as European citizens.

  • Edu-kit Same World


    A digital Kit aimed at teachers and youthworkers, with 12 teaching units and more tha 30 activities , to bring the themes of the climatic change to school, of the environmental justice and of the environmental migration.

  • EduGaming Game(s)

    Snežana Bačlija Knoch

    EduGaming Game(s) were developed through an approach empowering youth workers, with little or no experience, to develop educational tabletop games in their everyday youth work practice. Games included: Factics, Hello Effect, Reaction and Taking Taylor.

  • Fierce Women

    Gabrijela Ivanov

    Social card game that promotes and celebrates the work and contributions of women to society. It empowers its players to break down prejudices about women's abilities, interests and achievements, and inspires new generations of fierce women!

  • Frames and gender equality, 5 keys for a change

    Mia Hanström

    For being a competent youth worker you must be gender conscious, this method is a starter where you reflect about stereotyping about gender and how it effects young people and youth work.

  • Gender equality and women pioneers in and for science

    Katerina Arabatzi

    “Gender equality and women pioneers in and for science” aims to define the role of women in the origins of modern science, to identify barriers imposed by society in women and to support girls in their future involvement in science.

  • HaKa HaKa

    Wahib Ben chahla

    The "HAKA haka" tool is a one-hour dance and theater game between two teams in a public space or large space to play with each team who will try impresses the other in an atmosphere of competition and friendly to create a dynamic development of people's

  • Ignite Your Skills

    Sanja Zanki Pejić

    Ignite Your Skills is a series of 8 video tutorials that explain and initiate a further discussion and reflection on the 8 key competences that are acquired by participating in Erasmus projects and reflective thinking is promoted by filling out a diary.

  • Keep It Real BOX

    Žilvinas Mažeikis

    This toolbox contains 9 methods which empower young people to fill in applications for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects by themselves.

  • La Valigia

    Dragalina Gorbati

    The suitcase is the metaphor of the cultural and experiential baggage that each of us carries around and that influences our lives. This instrument is easily adaptable to different contexts and allows the participants to be the real protagonists.


    Enrico Gentina

    Matrix helps to reflect and work on the topics of identity and multiculture
    Matrix stimulate a creativity work starting from the characteristics of the people working in the group.
    It has been done with more then 30 people groups

  • Participatory ART: Playback Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed

    Nataliia Vainilovych

    Art is a powerful tool for personal and social changes.
    Participatory theatre helps people express themselves, empoveres, teches empathy, develosp improvisation skills that can be useful in everyday life. It creates value of every experience!

  • Restorative Justice Circles

    Mariia Levchenko

    Restorative justice is an approach to understanding and addressing harm and wrongdoing. It engages those who were involved and impacted to act to repair the harm and prevent it from happening again.

  • Speaker's Corner

    Igor Spetic

    Speaker's Corner is a socio-pedagogical exercise that was developed by partners in KA2 project. The main goal is to encourage active listening, social inclusion, democratic participation, and critical thinking.

  • Speech Board

    Diana Tomić

    Speech Board is a board game strengthening speech delivery. The topic of the game is speech and the communicative possibilities it offers. Usage of speech dynamics during communication process undoubtedly raises the quality of communication in general.

  • StreetSmart - Case Management Tool for Youth workers

    Wim Depickere

    StreetSmart is a digital tool designed for youth and street workers. It helps youth workers to track the personal evolution of the children they are working with, offers automated reporting and a user friendly mobile app for data registration.

  • The Innova Workshop

    Ceyhun UZUN

    The Innova tool was created in early 2018 and firstly used in “ISYEC 2018” International Youth Symposium about employment. This tool is containing 100% creativity which starts with energizers up to de-briefing process according to NFE techniques.


    Nicolò Piccinni

    WEB (IN)DIPENDENTE is an interactive trip going through installation and participation activities, aimed at 12 to 18 years old young people, about the conscious use of technology, in order to know about risks and potentiality of the digital world.

  • YouthQuack

    Mohammad Issa

    The tool is just a simple method to to encourage active citizenship and prevent young people from radicalization and marginalization. It is highly recommended to use it with youth with fewer opportunities anywhere.