8-12 December 2015 | Budapest, Hungary

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Take a look at the tools uploaded by the Tool Fair X participants that will be showcased in Budapest next month!


  • Build Your Community

    Julian Azzopardi

    The activity aims to develop an understanding of how people and businesses interact in a community; Participants assess differing wants and needs before taking on roles to determine the shape of their own community, mixing commercial with civic entities

  • Coexist

    Lisa Serero

    Coexist is a pedagogy that deconstructs teenagers' stereotypes in middle and high schools during a two hour workshop since 2004.

  • Collstock - How to use a folding ruler for team building, problem-solving activities

    Nikoletta Kovács

    We will use the folding ruler for different ecperientia education activities, from icebreakers, energizers till probllem solving activities. I will show a creative way to use an everyday tool.



    Creative drama is an improvisational, non-exhibitional, process-oriented kind of drama and participants are guided by a leader to imagine, enact, and reflect on their experiences real and imagined.

  • De-Trolling for trainers: dealing with challenging behavior

    Aliaksej Burnosenka

    Diagnosis and analysis of aggressive rhetoric (trolling) during public speeches and trainings, dealing with challenging behavior, use of Eye-contact; Use the different methods of de-trolling;


    Federica Ercoli

    FACEBULL is a role-play that simulates the operation of one of the most popular social networks, Facebook, trying to bring out some dynamics of violence developing in social networks.

  • Fairy Tale Life

    Marco Fiorito

    Activities with use of thematic cards, created for the realization of stories. A DECK OF CARDS TO INVENT STORIES, WHERE DISABILITY IS A FACTOR TO BE GIVEN TO THE CHARACTERS.

  • From I to Us

    Ana Maria Andrioaie

    The exercise relies on written communication with artistic expression.
    The students present themselves using the outline of their own palm. Then, in groups of four, they make a common drawing that includes features from all the group members.

  • Gamified training follow up

    Árpád Bárnai

    This a follow up method for trainings on a blended learning platform. The workshop offers possibility to try it out yourself online, see how far we got with the development and learn basics of gamification also.

  • Hand puppets for learning

    Rūta Kronberga

    Hand puppets for learning" is team building activity that is based on following principles: 1) playfulness when we learn about each other, 2) power of creativity when we create with our hands and hearts, 3) upcycling-contribution to sustainability.

  • Here and now; Who am I / who are we?

    Eva Vilanova

    Proposes play from the moment we meet.Play"a little me"give the opportunity to open creative windows without judgement,simply through game &comfort,according to each individual. Proposal invites work with individual & group idenidentity to build

  • I was there, I came here, I go that way

    Claudio Tosi

    To root an intercultural thinking, to take back our own diversity and to compare it with that of others, finding the unity of experiences without assimilating them into a single key of understanding

  • Improv

    Karl Grima

    The aim of this tool was to utilize theatrical techniques of improvisation to primarily instill a sense of safe environment within a newly forming group, where mistakes are allowed and whereby emotional openness, creativity, and innovation are encouraged

  • Improvisational theatre

    Gergo Kiss

    Improvisational theatre is a form of theatre that doesn`t use any prepared text or scenography. Everything is built spontaneously on the stage. It trains co-creation, creativity, high level of attention, self-initiative, flexibility and decisiveness.

  • Includia: Cooperation Inside-Out

    Özgür Akyar

    Tool takes 60 minutes which involves participants to a simulation activity.At least 20 participants suggested for better interaction amoung participants.Aim of the tool is supporting youth workers for Understanding the essence of cooperation in youth sect

  • Interactive ICT Implementation in Formal and Informal Learning

    Ines Hfaiedh

    Interactive ICT Implementation in Formal and Informal Learning is a tool endeavoring to make youth more active in the learning process via overcoming the lacunae in the official textbooks, and avoiding complex jargon in the training of volunteers.

  • Lifeshift - Climate Change and Lifestyle

    Adam Cade

    Lifeshift is a short training course for youth leaders, with activities for 16+ year old young people about sustainable lifestyles in response to concerns about climate change - lifestyle change for climate change.

  • mobility in ten practical points

    Amaya Defilippi

    2 parts : on the one hand the representation of the process of mobility and on the other one the participants analysis and exchange of their experience.

  • Museum of Roma Holocaust - Organizing Educational Activity and Exhibition on the topic of the Roma Holocaust

    László Milutinovits

    The Museum of Roma Holocaust is an interactive workshop with holistic learning objectives inspired by the example of „Night of Museums” events, and invites participants to get to know facts about and present implications of the Roma Holocaust.

  • Now You Hear Me

    Annan Mohamed

    Pax are divided into pairs
    they follow the instructions of the trainer who changes the behaviour of the pax deliberately while each part of the conversation is held.
    Trainers sets series of questions
    What you think of your talk?


    Jose Oliveira

    In one hour the participants are asked to roll the dices and choose a path, each path belongs to a different competence and the participants will begin a journey full of surprises and good moments. Push the button for the challenge!

  • Real Ideal

    Joakim Arnøy

    Real Ideal is an interactive board game that facilitates learning about financial literacy – or what it means to handle one’s own private economy. It simulates a lifespan and lets the participant to meet common obstacles in a private economic reality.

  • Serious Recognition Games with Open Badges

    Laimonas Ragauskas

    Serious European games ‘The Youth Exchangers’ and "Extraordinary League of Youth Work Agents" inviting people to complete missions, track personal progress and claim recognition for the competence improved. Both games use Open Badges as digital evidence.

  • Social innovation in the field of youth work

    Laszlo Kiss

    The business sector has a lot of tools and methods to create new product, design a better service. This tools like design thinking or service design can be used in order to empower the youngsters to take part in their community as a real problem solvers.

  • The Inclusion Orchestra

    Gabi Steinprinz

    The Inclusion Orchestra is a creative tool to start a discussion on the topic of Social In/Exclusion and can be used as teambuilding. It challenges participants to be vulnerable in order to feel, understand and discuss the topic of Social In/Exclusion.

  • Walk of thoughts

    Lauma Zubule

    The main idea of the tool is to spend time with yourself, answer some questions that are crucial for every human being. It consists of introduction, walk of thoughts, common sharing.

  • Wallstreet Of Good Ideas

    Line Ostyn

    We are on ‘the Wall street of good ideas’. In different rounds you buy ideas, make them better and then sell them for a better price. You can work in groups or alone. You’re aim is to improve the ideas AND gain a lot of money.


    Elisa Pellirossi

    This tool use the world caffè dynamics to make youth discuss about competences by starting recalling experienced and practical action they lived in the context of a short term voluntary project.