Welcome by Salto Euromed

The SALTO EuroMed has set up as of 2006 a specific event dedicated to all youth actors entitled “International Tool Fair” and designed as a place to test new educational practices and new tools in order to share, analyse, exchange and evaluate them; valorising thus creativity in non-formal education pedagogical initiatives.
Since 2014, a new component has been developed in other to access local youth work reality in a different context; the “National Tool Fairs”. We have been willing to bring this concept in the South-Mediterranean region and here we are in Jordan for a 4th edition in the area to support the competencies of youth workers working on volunteering projects by bringing also European organisations in order to have a sharing of educational tools and practices and offer also the possibility and space for networking.

We hope that the Jordanian organisations will benefit from this activity to increase their local and international network and gain more knowledge and competences to better support their beneficiaries.

Educational Tools and Practices Officer of the SALTO EuroMed Resource Centre