Welcome to Malta!

Dear Participants,
Welcome to the first ever National Tool Fair in Malta! This event is being organised by the EUPA (European Union Programmes Agency) and Aġenzija Żgħażagħ at the newly established  Youth Village in Santa Venera. This event follows on other Tool Fairs held at local level in Hungary, France and Italy over recent months. Inspired by SALTO-YOUTH Euromed Resource and Good Practices Centre, these events, comprising trainers, educators and youth workers,  culminate in the International Tool Fair X in Hungary in December 2015.
The theme of this year’s International Tool Fair, ‘Cross the line’ encourages  us to create tools that enable us to cross the lines created by physical, social and personal limitations/boundaries, which limit and inhibit the quality and value of the work we do with young people.  Every boundary we encouter in life and in working with young people is a line waiting to be crossed. It presents an opportunity to reflect upon and improve the value and quality of our work with young people.
This Tool Fair is all about displaying and promoting  the power and creativity of non-formal education through specially developed tools for working with young people. In creates an environment in which all those working with young people can interact and and display and exchange good work practices.
This year, the International Tool Fair, celebrates its 10th anniversary, and the local event held for the first time in Malta will also afford us the opportunity of reflecting on its achievements to date. We hope that all those participating in the event, will further develop their skills and competences by displaying and exchanging good work practices that enable them to cross the line in providing quality services and opportunities for young people.

Doreen Camilleri
National Co-ordinator
European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA)   

Miriam Teuma
Aġenzija Żgħażagħ