Towards the International Tool Fair XI

I have designed the Tool fair because I was convinced that the non-formal education field was really creative, innovative and useful for education in general and I wanted to have a shop window to show it, to promote it and to have everyone in the field benefiting from it. 

This was the main idea behind. And today, by using and creating tools, you do what Europe does when it is facing day after day issues related xenophobia, racism, hate and also the fear of all these terror attacks almost every day.

It is important to show by producing, presenting and testing what we are able to develop and to implement as tools for learning to related to such sensitive topics. 

It is crucial to emphasize what the youth field does when it comes to preventing but also dealing with these extremely sensitive issues and challenges  which are, time being, our daily life. 


Coordinator of SALTO-YOUTH Euromed Resource Center and Good practices


Deputy Head of the French National Agency for Erasmus+