TF Israel 2016

The National 2016 Tool Fair in Israel will host 30 youth workers to share and exchange their educational tools. It is a unique opportunity for professional development and exchange.

The National 2016 Tool Fair in Israel will take place in the serenity of the Dead Sea area in Israel on May 30th - June 2nd, 2016. The dramatic surroundings of the Dead Sea showcase human influence on natural environment. Choosing this specific location for the Tool Fair is a statement of social and environmental responsibility in the face of man-made disasters. This dramatic setting and geographic remoteness are expected to generate some thinking on the ways we, youth workers and professionals in the youth field, influence and advance young people towards their future.

The National 2016 Tool Fair in Israel is a unique opportunity for youth workers to share their educational visions and exchange educational tools. The event is expected to contribute both to each participant professional development as well as to the empowerment of the youth field in general.

The Tool Fair is organized as a "market" of training sessions and is built in a participatory approach - each participant provides their workshops and takes part in an advanced learning process. A special feature of the Israel National Tool Fair 2016 is the attendance and participation of 10 youth workers from Italy.

The Aims of the National 2016 Tool Fair in Israel are:

• To enhance and strengthen the youth field and youth work in Israel and Italy;

• To develop the quality and variety of Tools for Learning on both local and international levels;

• To contribute to the educational and experiential pathway of each participant;

• To contribute to the SALTO-YOUTH Tools for Learning strategy.