Stephanie Jakubowski

Welcome! Welcome dear Tool Fairers!!

We hope that you are not too superstitious about the number 13... Don’t you worry if you are!! You will only risk to cross the path of many experienced, generous and good-hearted youth workers, trainers, youth leaders (and the list goes on!) willing to share their work with you, the way they work with young people and how they do it! 

The International Tool Fair has always been designed for you. It is intended for you to share your experiences, your good practices, your tools for learning in an experimental way! That is why so many National Agencies of the Erasmus+ Programme are contributing each year on every level to make it a not-to-miss event! Do not refrain or put pressure on yourselves, we offer you a unique opportunity to come with ideas and make them grow! 

Sharing, contributing, learning from your peers are the key to a successful Tool Fair X(III)-perience!! 

See you all very soon in Split!

The SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed & Good Practices Team