SALTO workshops


SALTO resource centres are a well known support tool in the development of theoretical base and practice of non formal education. In this year's edition of the International Tool Fair we will have the chance to explore the latest initiatives of 3 of these centres:

Tomek Szopa from SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre (SALTO EECA)
HOP e-Learning platform was created to foster e-learning in Erasmus+ Youth in Action as well as European Solidarity Corps. Very soon it will be offering a growing number of e-courses targeting different aspects of both programmes. The HOP is a community of e-learners that brings together learners (mostly youth workers and trainers), authors and facilitators of e-courses, National Agencies, SALTO Resource Centres and other stakeholders to work together on rising the quality of Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps projects. Join us on Facebook already:

Tony Geudens from SALTO Inclusion & Diversity
Doing international youth projects? How well you are doing? Looking for resources to make your projects better?
The Quality! app helps (beginning and old) mobility project organisers to crank up the quality of their international youth projects. You can rate your previous projects and share your assessment with colleagues – a great base for evaluation and quality development. But you can also collaboratively work on a new project – develop it together online. If you are stuck or need some inspiration, you can swipe in project management resources from the knowledge base. And with a click you can export this project for use in application forms such as E+/ESC but also other funding programmes.
The Quality! app operationalises the work of the European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM). This platform gathers stakeholders (researchers, policy makers, practitioners) dealing with learning mobility in the field of youth. More info here: ( The EPLM for instance developed the European Quality Charter for Learning Mobility and connected Quality indicators (
This is our official Beta launch – so you are the pioneers – so we are looking for your constructive comments!!

Kristiina Pernits from SALTO Training and Cooperation
Are you app4learning?
SALTO Training and Cooperation is working on app4learning: a mobile app for reflection and formulation of learning. The aim of the app is to provide an easy-to-use, flexible and accessible tool to guide learners through the steps of reflection and formulation of the learning outcomes. It will help the user keep record about their learning process in the form of text or other media, and allow interaction between the user and the educator. It will also support the self-assessment of the outcomes of the learning process, linked to the process of generating Youthpass certificates.
app4learning will primarily target the participants in the projects funded by Erasmus+: Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps. However, also other learners who would like to apply it for their own personal development can make use of it.