Manda Pocrnić

Dear participants, 

The Croatian National Agency is proud to host the 13th international edition of Tool Fair, collecting the baton from our Bulgarian colleagues who have organized this important event in Varna in 2017. We decided to make the Tool Fair a sailing boat dock in Split in 2018, thus remaining at the coast, this time in the Adriatic Sea, as the perfect location. A city with a rich history and used to welcoming people from all around the world. From the very first day we will meet Croatia in all its beauty, opening the Tool Fair in the Diocletian’s Palace, a symbol of the city and its history and culture. 

Besides offering the unique Croatian touch we will offer a space to discuss and explore the importance of youth empowerment, especially in Europe and the world today, where young people are facing all kinds of challenges such as unemployment, marginalization and exclusion, radicalization, human rights violations, pollution, early school-leaving etc. Bringing together trainers and facilitators, youth workers and various experts in the youth field we will be showcasing and sharing diverse tools that can be used with the main aim of empowering young people, especially focusing on tools that include digital learning, sports and expressional arts.

All of the factors mentioned above enable us to strongly reaffirm the motto of 2018 #PowerUp!

We look forward to seeing you soon in Split!

Manda Pocrnić (Croatian NA)