From Malta TF to the International Tool Fair.

In 2014 Italy started the new adventure of Tool Fairs in local language. In 2015 Hungary, France, Italy and now Malta realized the so called TF, preparing the 10th anniversary of the International Tool Fair in Budapest in December. Turkey and Tunisia will open 2016 editions.

In the framework of the Educational Tools Portal (ETP), together with the Multilingual Educational Toolbox and the Tools for Learning magazine, the Educational Library will soon complete the 3 years’ work on the strategy to support quality of tools and practices in education.

A TF aims at increasing the accessibility and fostering participation of trainers, educators and youth workers to the learning community. The TF is the result of a supportive approach adopted by NAs and EYUs to accompany the development and the exchange of local methods at international level, thanks also to the multilingual dimension of the new portal.

On behalf of SALTO Network, I wish to the participants of TF Malta to enjoy their event, looking forward to welcoming them in Budapest next December!

Bernard Abrignani
Coordinator of SALTO EUROMED, on behalf of SALTO network