Jonathan Bowyer

Welcome to Tool Fair XIII. The Tool Fair is an opportunity to showcase, explore, critique, develop, adapt and ultimately to adopt Tools for Learning! We are looking forward to welcoming you to engage in all these processes and we hope you will bring your experience, your curiosity and your creativity with you. You will be joining in a well established process which has developed over 12 previous versions of the Tool Fair and numerous National Tool Fairs. The intention is not just to provide an opportunity to collect tools and take them home to use if and when you find time. Much more, we encourage you to join a community which thinks deeply about the tools and how we use them for learning. We invite you to develop the tools and develop your competencies in using them. 

The International Tool Fair is a few days when we can focus on Tools for Learning in a collaborative environment. Those who present their Tools-for-Learning have passed a selection process and have access to the "Tool Coach", during the preparation and a  "Critical Friend", during the event. These experienced colleagues are there to support and challenge presenters to make their workshops effective.

It is part of a wider European strategy to encourage the sharing and development of best practice in non-formal learning. In fact, the International Tool Fair is a central pillar of the Tools for Learning Strategy. Tools Fairs make a significant contribution to innovation and development of learning tools and approaches in the European Youth and Non-Formal-Learning sector. 

But this is not the only time and place that you can engage in these processes: there are National Tool Fairs around Europe and the Educational Tools Portal is available to you at all times. See you online and in person!

Jonathan Bowyer
Tool Fair coordinator