How to create your agenda


Each participant will set hir/her own AGENDA before to start the International Tool Fair XVI.

The participant will have the possibility to enroll for 

  • 4 Tool Workshops
  • 1 Tool to Explore
  • 1 Carbon compensation workshop

All the enrollment operations can be done directly from the AGENDA of the event  

The tools that will be presented are allocated directly in the PROGRAMME of the event accessible online. 6 TOOL WORKSHOPS will be presented at the same time in 4 rounds, so participants have to make only 1 choice for each ROUND of tools. 

For the 6 TOOL TO EXPLORE (organized in 3 sessions) the participant has to make 1 choice.

Directly from the programme is possible to surf between the different tools, tool to explore and local visits, to read the descriptions in order to choose what they like more to take part into.

The system is distributing the participants among all the different parallel options, so number limitations are automatically set. Clicking on the link JOIN THE WORKSHOP, reported under the link to the description, it will be possible to register. If the link is no more visible, (sorry) it means that this option is full and the participant has to choose another one. 

From MY AGENDA button (all these functionalities can be visible only if you are LOGGED IN!) it is possible to check, vary or print the choices made.

During the first day of the event, participants will find in the programme also the rooms where the different activities take place.

As a visual example, you can refer to this tutorial made for ITF XII. The buttons and the functionalities will be positioned in the same way.