Evaluation & Feedback System

A tool selected to be presented for a workshop in the program of the Tool Fair XIII can vary in terms of duration from 1h30 and 2h00.  The aim of it is to run an active learning session for other colleagues, that can in this way express ideas, suggestions for ameliorating the presented tool and to reflect together on its possible adaptability and transferability in other contexts or with other target groups. In terms of time management, we have suggested the presenters to consider the following structure:




Tool intro

Tool in action

Reflection on the Tool

Right after the end of each workshop, participants will have the possibility to send give a feedback through the website dedicated to the Tool Fair XIII. the presenter will automatically and immediately receive the feedback on his/her email and in copy his/her critical friend.

These contributions might be useful, together with Critical Friend conversation, for and auto-evaluation that we will ask, as a team,  the presenter to do through another online service of the website, accessible through a button that will be showed on the homepage when logged in. We will kindly ask all the presenters to not leave the Tool FAIR XIII, without doing it, being a fundamental contribution of the general evaluation of the event that the team will have the 16th November while the participants are leaving.