Dear friends and collaborators

Dear friends and collaborators,

welcome to the first edition of the National Tool Fair Malta taking place on Saturday 7th November 2015. It is with great anticipation that we are working towards this event.

The theme for this year’s tool fair ‘To Cross the Line’ focuses on the dynamics of change, in particular that of standing up to accomplish this change. Taking up this challenge and being proactive in creating this change, EUPA and Agenzija Zghazagh have partnered up to ensure the success of the first edition of the National Tool Fair. Together with all the participants we are crossing the line towards increasing levels of collaboration and initiating a culture of sharing of tools and experiences among non formal educators in the youth field. The youth field is coloured by variances of work emerging from the different backgrounds of the organisations we work with and work for: this tool fair is an occasion to appreciate each other’s approaches to non-formal learning. This, in itself, is, crossing the line: stepping out of our own spheres marked by where and how we practice (non-formal learning), following a passage to sharing with others in the field, and associating on the basis of the value of what we do.

We thank all those who have submitted tools for this event, creating the space for this Tool Fair to take place! We wish you all the best of luck in securing a place at the International Tool Fair 2015 which will take place in Hungary this December!

Therese Borg Micallef
Programme Officer
European Union Programmes Agency

Maria C. Borg
Youth Worker
Aġenzija Żgħażagħ