Cross the line!

It is our great pleasure to say that the annual Tool Fair celebrates its 10th anniversary in Budapest, Hungary.

The Hungarian Erasmus+ Youth National Agency, in cooperation with SALTO-YOUTH EuroMed (and with the financial support of 7 national agencies) organizes the annual international nonformal tool market of the youth sector, called Tool Fair X, which aims at presenting, sharing and multiplying new and innovative methods and tools for learning. Each year the event is hosted by a different country, and we are extremely happy to host the anniversary Tool Fair in Budapest at the European Youth Centre Budapest.

The key message of this year’s meeting is “Cross the line” – which is a reference to the necessity to develop cooperation between the sectors concerned with the support of young people (youth, formal and non-formal education, non-profit and business). Tool Fair is a great opportunity to bring stakeholders of those sectors together and share experiences or good practices.

During the programme, more than a hundred youth workers and trainers, coming from about 20 different countries, will try out a wide range of innovative tools and methods. In addition, Tool Fair X provides an opportunity for the participants to deepen their knowledge, give feedback about the methods, and contribute to their development and dissemination.

We look forward to welcoming all participants in Budapest and we aim at providing everyone present with an ideal working environment to ensure a fruitful exchange of ideas and practices.

See you soon in Hungary!

Gergely Máté,
on behalf of the Youth National Agency of Erasmus+