21-25 November 2022 | Marseille, France

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Take a look at the tools uploaded by the Tool Fair XVI participants that will be showcased during the "Tool Workshops" sessions


  • BARABAR - a card game for social change and sustainability

    Maria Marinova-Alkalay

    BARABAR gamifies human rights education to promote diversity and encourage tolerance with an emphasis on sustainability. It raises awareness of different activists, leaders and social causes stimulating players to cooperate to save the world.

  • Better Me - The game of growth (adapted board game)

    Martina Sirol

    Better Me is a board game with deep and meaningful questions that spark reflection, discussion and action to help players better themselves and their lives.

  • CultureTour - The Amazing Cultural Adventure on the River of Nationalities

    Anna Siegler

    A board game to support primary school teaching on the topic of inclusivity, and diversity.

  • Digital Rights&Responsibilities


    A blended digital tool directed to educate young people on responsible behaviour online focuses on digital rights (based on Human rights conventions) and arouses discussion on what is Digital citizenship and what kind of responsibilities it applies.

  • Eco facilitators - online supporting tool for non formal educators

    Erika Karman

    Eco-facilitators is an online to aiming to support non formal educators with description of activities related to ecological thinking and approach. You can find an energizer or a more complex, longer activity on different topics related to sustainability.

  • - Use of and other digital tools in non-formal education

    Michał Pietrzok

    It will be meta-workshop showing overwiev of the results in FEIO connected with usage of genially. Involvement of participants is planned through 2 of the games. Some elements of discussion, connected with results of menti charts will be initiated.

  • Escape Game de la Mobilité

    Diane Deiana

    It is a collaborative Escape game.The scene takes place in an airport. The character wakes up having forgotten everything about his identity and the reason why he is here. He/she has one hour to find out: His identity, destination and reason of being here

  • Frisbee for ALL “10 Passes" | Education through sports (ETS)

    Maria Acs

    ETS is a non-formal educational approach that works with sport & physical activities. It refers to the development of key competences of individuals & groups in order to contribute to personal development and sustainable social transformation.

  • FurNature Up and Recycling

    Vitalii Volodchenko

    Practical workshop to explore the application of 5R (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle) principles in daily youth work and to create several pieces of furniture out of recycled materials (wooden pallets, wooden crates, etc.)

  • Gourmet School for children and youth

    Daiga Buda

    During this activity participants are practically preparing different kind of dishes, they learn to cooperate, develop new skills and creativity, dare to taste something new and get to know the history, culture and traditions of other countries.

  • How to trigger motivation to fight back against fake news on climate change

    Margaux LE GALL

    This tool aims to try to trigger motivation of youth ambassador in their role to fight against fake news on climate change. To manage it, we developed an activity similar to a board game, where the participants will have to create their "ideal world".

  • Improvising around conflict - Bazar étudiant

    Valérie Laflamme-Caron

    This workshop will allow you to use improvisation to train your participants in conflict resolution. Through different scenarios, you will apply conflict resolution strategies. The workshop will last one and a half hours.

  • Innovarium

    Vahram Petrosyan

    Innovarium is a gamified civic education task based methodology for working with youth groups, which is a multicomponent education format, using online and offline tools, combining capacity building and project development.

  • ManiMiitti - participatory budgeting process of the City of Espoo Youth Services

    Juha Laakso

    ManiMiitti is the name of the participatory budgeting process of the City of Espoo Youth Services in Finland. Every year the Youth Services run this process for all the young people aged 13 to 15 in the city - to get the young people involved.

  • MONEYWISE – Check your Balance!

    Jennifer Cauchi

    Learn basic knowledge, skills and attitudes in money matters, reflect on strong money habits, increase financial literacy through reflecting on different life situations and explore finding a balance between prioritizing savings and everyday spending.

  • MORE - Mediation Of Responsibilities and Exploitation

    Katarzyna Strzelecka

    MORE is a role-playing game for conflict resolution. Players have the opportunity to practice assessing
    difficult conflict situations and understanding different points of view and to train their negotiating skills.

  • Peace Please

    Stanislavs Babins

    The Peace Please game and the guide are developed for organisations and collectives, with the intention to help begin to see what’s not working in the working environment and to address it with non-violent actions and principles that create peace.

  • SLOW Youth Work

    Dragan Atanasov

    SLOW Youth Work is a new concept showing youth work which can contribute most to society is a holistic process that necessitates time, depth, process, continuity, sustainability and autonomy.

  • Spiritual VIsual Art story

    Wahib Ben chahla

    The spiritual visual Art story To produce artworks and short stories through colours and different digital tools, music and to share them, we create collective and individual visual and digital art exhibitions in our schools, in our homes,

  • Summer School

    Jarne Ghijsels

    A project where students get an introduction in various aspects of different sustainability topics by way of lectures, workshops and an excursion. They also come into contact with different experts in the field in a speeddate session.

  • The flying carpet discovering the Sea - The Adventurers of the Suez Canal

    Margaux Dubois

    The Adventurers of the Suez Canal is a board game that allows participants to acquire basic knowledge of the history of the opening of the Suez Canal and maritime navigation at that time.

  • The power of speech in policy making

    Mai Hegazy

    Using policy debates how to formalize and write a policy paper that can be presented to stake holders who are concerned about the topic. The tool includes improving public speaking a debating skills like building solid arguments and rebuttal a good ones.

  • Youth brainstorm - wheel spider

    Jutte Dessein

    Based on the Earth Charter and adapted to the given organization, this tool aims to start a conversation about sustainability in organizations that don't have much experience in sustainability or want to make a sustainability policy.