Better the tools, better the impact

From the beginning of the epic of International Tool Fairs, the Turkish National Agency is one of its main supports. By the second year, the Turkish NA decided to host, in Antalya in Turkey, the International Tool Fair within the frame of the first year of the Youth in Action Programme.
Turkey has always been present, has always been an effective support and of quality, to the  tools for learning  strategy that I sat up within the framework of quality and support for the capacity building and improvement of youth work and youth workers .
Better the tools, better the impact; this is how the Turkish National Agency has always considered this work around the tools. This year, the Turkish National Agency joins those already established National Tool Fairs. The cycle can be considered, in some way, wrapped up and from now the work at the level of the network of Turkish youth workers, through the Turkish National Agency, will highlight even more the quality of work done in this country.