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Open Call for Israeli Youth Workers and directors of youth organizations.

If you are an Israeli Youth Worker or director of a youth organization and you are ready to cross the line, jump in the game, experiment and challenge the mindsets about educational tools - this is the place to be!

Participants at the National Tool Fair will be offered chances to shape and fine-tune their educational work, while sharing tools for learning with their peers, as well as participate in workshops led by others. In addition to the tools exchange program, participants will be provided with the opportunity to give and receive feedback and further develop their educational approach and strengths. The participants who will present the best educational tools will be able to attend the next international Tool Fair (XI) in Malta, to take place in autumn 2016.

The National 2016 Tool Fair in Israel will also contribute to the quality of tools at the SALTO-YOUTH Educational Tools Portal, and will provide an opportunity to expose your work to international colleagues.

Expected profile of participants:
We welcome participants who have created an educational tool and/or are willing to share and further develop their tools with colleagues from Israel and Italy.

The Tool Fair is particularly directed at:
• Youth workers
• Trainers, facilitators, coaches
• Youth policy makers
• People working directly with youth
• Youth leaders, leaders of youth groups or representatives of youth organizations (local, regional, national, international…)
• Representatives of formal education working with youth.
• Youth project managers

• Able to communicate in English.
• Devoted to participate in the full process of the activity.
• Have visions and plans how to use what they learned in their work.
• Have the potential to develop their competencies in relation to the objectives of the activity.

Deadline for applications: May 18th, 2016.

How to apply?

Please fill out the online application form.