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Empowerment in ultras subculture: between isolation and social engagement.

Ultras subcultures exist across the world, mostly around football; providing identification and empowerment for young people. Key elements of ultras subcultures are: passionate support of the team home and away, large choreographies at the stadium, banners and flags, chanting and singing through the whole match, use of flares, smoke bombs and other pyrotechnics (despite the fact that it is illegal in most of the countries) in many cases also fights with other ultras groups and police, sometimes political affiliations. While subcultural empowerment is expected and manifested on each match, especially during collective trips to away matches, it could remain isolated within the borders of ultras subculture, empowering individuals and their subcultural identity but deepening the gap between the group and mainstream society. On the other hand, most members of ultras subculture are also part of the broader social movement known for its frequently used slogan – 'Against modern football'. In the Croatian context, ultras subculture became a social actor, stepping out of its own borders and rivalries, initializing broader social movement against corruption in Croatian society. If the dominant social mood remains based on 'bread and circuses', they will go back to isolation again.