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Dialogue Skills for Promoting Democracy for Young People.

Marko’s TF Talk will be entitled: Dialogue Skills for Promoting Democracy for Young People. Our societies are tackling problems of democracy and the lack spaces for real dialogue. Different and extreme voices and opinions are getting stronger but we are not fully aware how to deal with them. In this presentation, I argue that it is important to understand how youth work is related to the principles of democracy and dialogue. The democratic way of life can be seen as living together in a way that maximizes people´s equality and freedom in order to combine individuals´ different abilities, skills and knowledge for the flourishing of the whole society. Core to the democratic way of life is dialogue. In dialogue we attempt to achieve these fundamental goals of equality and freedom as we also aim to gain a better understanding of the topic we are discussing, other people and our own thinking. Therefore, dialogue can be a powerful approach in youth work. But how is democracy related to the goals of youth work? How could dialogue and dialogical skills promote empowerment of young people, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion?