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Body poetics: bodies and souls lost in digital world

Covid crisis has provoked changes in our lives, mainly by limiting physical contact and transferring numerous practices, including youthwork, online. In hope that the world will be back (offline!) here we are with an opportunity to discuss what human contact is, why contact is important in any kind of human interaction and how it influences empowerment and social development programs in youth work. In my theatre and creativity development practice my main passion for years is exploring human body, it’s direct link with emotions and our soul and how our human touch is essence of our empathy and humanity. I am exploring all possible relations and constellations in space that one body can make with other bodies and what kind poetics, emotional flow and spiritual meanings they can convey and transfer. I would talk about the body as basis for deep emotional connection and food our inner self in order to grow. Main importance of this speech for me would be to raise awareness that digital youthwork can not be relevant parallel universe for our projects, that it gives an illusion of the contact which can lead into deep loneliness and to offer creative questions (rather then solutions) how to use digital space when needed and to give it credits and importance it also deserves, but to put emphasis on what else we can do in real environment. This topic maybe would never come to the light without Covid crisis, so for me this is not problem-solving speech, rather inspiration for innovation and new practices.