Using photography to stage objects




Elisa von Brockdorff

Title Of Tool

Using photography to stage objects 


8,9,10,11th November (11th November Presentation/Exhibition)

 Duration / Room

1 hour per session / Lanca


To familiarise the participants with staged photography and how it can be used in sessions with young people to challenge their imagination. 

The Spirit/Motto

The only thing that limits us is our imagination - Erik Johansson

Method Description/Programme

Session 1: Familiarisation of staged photography
 - A presentation that illustrates the concept by displaying artists’ work, my own work, as well as instances when it has been utilised by young people. (including tips on how to achieve the desired effect)
- Creating a few examples onsite  - shooting objects against coloured backgrounds

Session 2: Giving the participants an opportunity to try it out
Viewing images from previous session
Asking participants to shoot their own staged photos - shooting objects against coloured backgrounds

Session 3: 
Viewing participants’ photos from previous session – feedback provided
Participants to create second batch of images – to be used for presentation

What can you get participating to this exploration?

To learn more about the distinction between staged photography and images of scenes that already exist. To push that idea forward to young people in order to provide them with a different perception of photography, one which may also act as a psychological catharsis, giving them an opportunity to explore their own imagination and challenge boundaries.