Way To Soar!

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

Love Board Games! How about a GIANT ONE? In this game you are the pieces. 15 to 25 players can play. To win, you need communication skills, inclusion spirit and a lucky die. Why THIS board game? It is adaptable to any topic, group,or context.


- Acknowledge diversity as a positivity to the advancement of any community.


- Cooperative Learning

Step by step process: 

Players are divided into 2 heterogeneous groups of 5 (or 4 groups of 5)
- They throw the die to decide who starts first.
- The group with the highest number begins.
- One player will be the “piece” on the board
- Each group moves the piece according to the number they get.
- If a group lands exactly on a square that shows an image a group of people holding hands, then they have to complete a task from the group set. If the group completes the task successfully, they move all the way up to the flag square.
- The “piece” player can not help his team in the task. If the group discovered that they need him; than another “piece” player will be used.
- If a group lands exactly on a square that shows an image of one person, they assign one player from the group to do the task (the facilitator tells the players the type of task ahead, so they assign someone who could do it e.g athletic tasks- mathematics- general info. …) .
- If the player completes the task, the group moves forward to the flag square.
- If they do not complete the task (both individual and group tasks), they stay in their place.
- The group that reaches the last square first wins.

Materials and resources: 

- Board game itself (6.25 square meter)
- Die
- Flipchart/ markers/ sticky notes for the debriefing
- Index cards with tasks on one side and the number of the square on the other (2 sets group and individual tasks).
Tasks Materials: (can be changed based on tasks)
- Popsicle sticks (6)
- 2 decks of cards
- Tennis balls (20)
- 1 beach ball
- Marshmallow (1 bag)
- Pretzels (2 bags)
- Poster –size drawing of calculator
- Papers
- Markers
- Hula hoop
- Rope
- Sequential images
- A ping pong ball
- One wine glass
- 28 plastic cups
- One cookie
- Blindfolds (one for each in a group)
- Puzzle (2)
- Craft stick
- 6 dice
- 1 long piece of spaghetti
- Penne pasta(6)
- basket


Participants will:
-Identify effective communication, participation, and inclusion as keys to advancement.

Notes for further use: 

This game can be adapted and used easily in any teaching situation e.g. practice or review language concepts, maths., Sciences or even in social studies; teaching kids about good habits…etc.. It can also be used with any age group as well.

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