Video Workshop

Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 
Group dynamics
Intercultural learning
Personal development

The Video Workshops' aims are to improve creativity and self expression through video making. Participants will experiment every steps of this creative process, from the idea to the achievement.


The aim of the tool is to improve creativity of the participants and allow them to express themselves by an original way.


Learning by doing. This tool is an initial approach of video making and of this specific creative process.

Step by step process: 

From a choosen topic - it could be anything, like architecture, political situation of a country or sports for example - participants will find ideas and make video from those ideas.
A video will be produced by participants during each workshop.

The tool is divided in two parts:
On the first part, participants will speak about the topic and think together of what video they would like to do about it. Depending of the target, various creative process can be implemented to help them finding ideas they can do.
On the second part of the workshop, participants will shoot the video with the help of the facilitators. Depending of the kind of video and of the interest of the participants, facilitators can let them experiment plenty of things related to a video making: shooting, recording sound, acting, directing, animating objects…
Organisation of this part is very flexible and is really linked to participants interests and facilitators skills.

Materials and resources: 

For the first part: paper and pen.
For the second part: at least one camera, a computer, a sound recorder, a video editing software and a hard drive disk. Depending of the ideas of participants, specific ressources might be needed.


At the end of each workshop, you can expect video materials that could be edited to publish a video online. Video last beetween 1 to 10 minutes.


Limits: usually, the editing need extra work from facilitator to be done.

Advantages: very flexible, give participants lots of freedom to experiment what they are interested in. Can be done with a target who don't speak well you language (with specific adaptations).

Notes for further use: 

Feel free, the point is more to try than to make the greatest video ever.

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