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Multimedia tool – Report
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‘Stormly’ is a plugin for Moodle. It is designed to serve as an online flipchart with sticky notes. Its functionalities provide for methods such as brainstorming, discussion, group work, and other information sharing processes.


The aim of the tool is to transfer non-formal methodology (sticky notes on a canvas) to an online environment.


The tool’s features are based on the principles of non-formal education and they serve both the trainer and the students. The tool also follows Kolb learning cycle and can be used for a variety of methods, which makes it ideal to use for non-formal learning in an online environment.

Stormly is based on non-formal learning, but customized for online environment. It functionalities provide the usage of methods such as brainstorming, discussion, group work or any other information sharing process. It enhances interactivity and active participation of students. This is a innovative and new tool for the Moodle community and provides new experience to youth workers and trainers who conduct training courses online.

Materials and resources: 

Computer and a projector (latter depends on the amount of the people in audience).

Notes for further use: 

The tool needs to be integrated into Moodle learning environment by your IT technician. Link to the tool is available here, for free download:

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