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The Roulette

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

The participant will spin the wheel which is divided into four or more colors and then he\she will answer the question and play the game mentioned to related color on which the wheel is stopped, the questions and the games will be so funny.


The main idea is to build self-esteem, improve resilience,having a chance to break the distances by sharing the informations and options.
Relate to the society and the personal experience “school” I decided to create this playful,fun, and it's a game tool.


Outdoor and indoor education

Step by step process: 

The roulette consists of four colors each one contains a question or activities like (dancing singing and others ..)
Then the participants came and we start the challenge to divide them into two groups randomly (male and female ) (Lebanese,syrian.palestinian ) each group contains 6 children. When we decide to begin we choose a game to start with enthusiastic and team spirit like (water bucket which means who fills in the water bucket more) and the team that fills most is starting to roulette.
The colors included this activities “ it’s examples” and if stopped in:

Blue color they need to build together “each group” a tall bridge by five minutes only then the group who finished first on time and doesn’t fall they win.

Purple color is to found four commons with each others and they background to share it on a paper by five minutes only.

Gold color is to sing (compose a song or sing a well-known song among them). And this for both group, but the first who finished will start.

Silver color is the rope game
Two people each one from different group on the sides of the rope and the others have to jump together in half without touching the rope and they have to do five jumps to think together and find solutions to win.

At the end:
*Count the points
*Gives the true answers and ideas.
*Gives information about the importance about this session.
*Gave a game for each participant.
*Then we sit like a circle to evaluate the session(likes dislikes)

Materials and resources: 

Roulette wheel made of wood and colored adhesive papers.
Time alarm to count the time of the activity.(when we start)
Whistle to start and end by it with the time, and to prevent the noise.
Sticky notes and pens related to the (commons activity)
Rope (related to the rope game)
Balloons and glue (related to the bridge)
Microphone (related to the singing game)


Getting informations from each others and how to build a team


By the points.
By the time.
Yes and no question like :
Do you like the rope game?
Do you face difficulties with each other?
Does the time is enough?

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