Needs and Offers

Type of tool: 
120+ min
Topics addressed: 

Facilitates knowing and exchanging between different organisations on the base of their needs and offers,with the final aim of building partnerships.

Step by step process: 

- Individual work on grid development (20 min.);
- Group division (5 min.);
- Group discussion on needs and offers of their organizations: what are the needs and offers and why they have them (30 min.);
- Preparation of cards on two different colored post its (5 min.);
- Trading of needs and offers with other groups (25 min.);
- Guided discussion within groups (25 min.): What were the needs satisfied and those unsatisfied? What were the offers satisfied and those unsatisfied? What were similarities and differences in needs and offers within your own group and within other groups?;
- Plenary presentation on: Needs and offers satisfied and unsatisfied (25 min.).

Materials and resources: 

- post it of two different coulors;
- copies of the attached grid on organization analysis.

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