Meet the Stars

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Intercultural learning

Encouraging an imaginary exercise of travelling back in time, the tool fosters the knowledge of thinkers' contribution to the three cultures in Cordoba.


Making connections between the present and the past and becoming aware that the development of culture is related to periods of peace, participants will exchange on the idea that culture is a vehicle of peace and a tool of development for society.

Step by step process: 

Welcome by a narrator (medieval traveller) to all the group explaining the trip in time and space they will do. They will be transported to the middle ages in Cordoba and will discover different characters very important in that time, and nowadays.
A couple in disguise for each religion (man and woman) will represent each culture and will be waiting for participants in a special room prepared for the ocassion with candles and music.
Brief dramatization of the three couples explaining who they are and which are the main contributions in the Thinking.
Distribute the big group into three small and take them into three different rooms. They will show different rites from each culture represented by the three couples.
After that all together in a big room will be transported to this period of time in which some aspects will be represented: main thoughts, aspects of the cultures, role of women, how it was the transmission of knowledge in those times and poems.
Finally, all the group will comeback to the first room and as a symbol of pacific coexistence will sing a song in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew.

Materials and resources: 

Disguises for each couple and the narrator, adecuated to the time and culture.
Music of the time of the three cultures (CD “Las Tres Culturas”)
Candles to create a proper atmosphere.
To establish the rooms or the spaces where the dramatization is going to take place. In our case it was very important to count with a covered Patio.

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