Matrix Cards

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Conflict management
Prevention of radicalisation
Social inclusion


MATRIX Cards have been specifically developed to help practitioners fully engage and explore key issues with young people around extremism; cultural values and inclusion.


Matrix Cards have been specifically developed to help practitioners fully engage and explore key issues with young people. Seventeen cards designed to engage young people in dialogue about themselves, their community and the world. They can be used to explore Islamic Fundamentalism.The Matrix Cards raise awareness of issues young people are facing in their lives and build resilience in individuals and communities.


The card utile Neuro Linguistic Programming Theory and help young people to frame their experience around visual imagery.They enable faciltators and young people to create positive meanings and behavioviours around neurological levels.They utilise a self actualisation assesment profile based on Maslows hierarchy of needs.  

Step by step process: 

The tool requires a days training.The handbook outlines the excercises that are practiced in the days training with participents. 

Materials and resources: 

The materials are A set of 17 colour cards (double sided)A handbook explaining the cards and excercisesE recording sheets


The cards raise awareness and understanding for young people and facilitators.They stimulate reflection and conversation.Outcomes: New Meanings; Positive change; conversations; Resiliance; new beliefs and values; increased awareness and understanding. Informal learning outcomes


the Matrix cards provide a vehicle to explore the lives of young people in a group and one to one setting. They offer a visual tool which stimulates understanding; connections and new meanings. They enable facilitators to see through the youmng persons eyes and enables them to model their map[ of the world The assesment excercises enable distance travelled to be identified but also provides a clear assesment profile.

Notes for further use: 

The cards can be used in a number of different ways.They provide a client centred approach which is innovative, fun but also very powerful.The design of the cards are based on the Metacards approach outlined on  

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