Introduction to the course

Type of tool: 
30-60 min
Topics addressed: 
Personal development

To help participants to know what they are going to do during the training and to discover their motivations, expectations and experience in the youth field and in the EuroMed programme.

Step by step process: 

Short introduction of the background, the profile of participants, the aims and the methodology of the Training Course as well as the specificity of the venue.
When introducing the methodology a special emphasis should be put on the meaning and implications of the TAPE and STAR approach - 10 min.
The programme of the week is spread on the floor, day by day, leaving enough space for participants to walk around the different sessions - 5 min.
When asking the following questions, participants take position on the programme and, if wanted, explaine why - 45 min.
•Position yourself in the session in which you will feel more comfortable;
•Now go to the one that is going to be more challenging for you;
•Now to the one that is going to provide you with information that it is completely new to you;
•The one in which you can feel weaker;
•The one you are really looking forward to.

Materials and resources: 

Programme printed in colours using the colours we choose during the planning visit to talk about the different “groups of sessions”: specific elements linked with this training course, sessions led by the hosting country, sessions led by participants, Euromed training courses essential sessions, training courses standard sessions.

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