Interactive group building

Type of tool: 
90-120 min
Topics addressed: 
Group dynamics

Prepares participants for the dynamics within the specific group of the event to work actively together and co-operate.Helps them explore individual and group perspectives through a serie of dynamic tasks.


For the participants to discover working together as a group and to integrate the notions of team work, team spirit, cooperation and trust building as well as group work strategy.

Step by step process: 

Introduction - 5 min
The activity will be introduced to the participants by the team. The instructions should be written on a flipchart so people can see what are the rules and tasks. (See Documents/Handouts).

You have possible 7 tasks that you should complete as a group. Your aim is to gain as more points as possible by achieving each task. You are free to decide on the order of the tasks, this is up to you! DO NOT ask about explanations for the tasks! But you can estimate the difficulty of the tasks from the points and the time allocated.
You have just 10 minutes for planning and preparation at the beginning.
The 7 tasks and the given time for them are:
•Minority island - 15 min<
•Blind square - 10 min
•Bizkaic bridge - 10 min
•Threats on island - 20 min
•In other words… - 10 min
•Motto for minorities - 10 min
•Crocodile river - 10 min

Ask participants:
How do they feel? What was the strategy you used? Did you use all the resources? Are they satisfied with the results of their tasks? Did they participate actively? Are they satisfied with the level of their participation? Were there any leaders? Was it good? What would they change? How can they link the whole exercise with the real life? Can they give any recommendations for their future work? For the learning and working this week?

Materials and resources: 

- Preferably nice space and weather outside;
- Blanket or carpet;
- 13 blind folders;
- Chalk;
- Paper tape;
- A rope fastened between two poles (trees) at ca. 1.30-m height to illustrate the river;
- Glue;
- Wood, papers, painting, markers, flipchart;
- Different colours of labels;
- Different colours of crepe papers;
- White and coloured papers.

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