Entrepreneurial system understanding

Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 

It is a game using the simulation of an entrepreneurial system, to understand the functioning of the system and the types of blockages to find finally a type of analysis adaptable to avoid blockages


Resolving Entrepreneurial Blockages. "Blockages are the obstacles encountered when creating a project


Simulation, and situation analysis

Step by step process: 

 Using role plays as a simulation of the functioning of an entrepreneurial system.Step 1: Each member of the group must present a role of an ecosystem element (the administration, financial institutions and banks, legal, coach, client contractor)Step 2: Each member must have an instruction card and decision for his role. After the participants execute the contents of the cards and as a conclusion, one must have a list of the types of blocking which composes the elements of PESTLE analysis. Finally, Present a video for better understand the importance of analysis.

Materials and resources: 

 Printer ,White paper ,Flyer ,Flipcharts, video projector   


The expected results: -the participants understand the entrepreneurial system-the participants understand the causes of the blockage-extract the PESTLE analysis component


Self-evaluation in relation to the objective*Harmony between participants and the understanding of the roles to give.*Extract the PESTLE analysis components*understanding the entrepreneurial system functioning by the participantFilling out an evaluation form by the participants

Notes for further use: 

You can change the actors and the senario in the cards, depending on the complexity of the system you want to present.Pay attention to the number of participants so that the game is compellable to reach the objectives

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