Collstock - How to use a folding ruler for team building, problem-solving activities

Type of tool: 
Energizer - Icebreaker
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Group dynamics
Peer Education

We will use the folding ruler for different ecperientia education activities, from icebreakers, energizers till probllem solving activities. I will show a creative way to use an everyday tool.


To use different, everyday tools creatively, show how to build a training sequence around a tool.


The tool based on experiential education and cooperative learning.

Step by step process: 

We will use one tool for doing an experiential education process. This tool is: folding ruler

1. Ice-breaking activity- This is not a ruler, this is a....
2. Name learning game - fold your first letter from the ruler
3. Communication game- lets talk each other,
4. Trust game in pairs - blind walk with folding rulers
5. Cooperative game in little groups - build a tower in a group of 3-4
6. Problem Solving Game in two groups - the two groups, in different place build the two part of the bridge, they must have match
7.Creativity - How you can use the tool, brainstorming in little groups
8. Closing game - how they liked the tool, how can you use the tool - creative

Materials and resources: 

25 pieces folding ruler
post it


My goal is to show my tool and find out new games, activities. And I would like to reach that people discover,that the can use everyday tools for doing fantastic experiential activities.


It is very successful in the teachers traing, because very simple tool, they can use it on maths class too, So the usally find, that is very usefeul tool.
The kids love it, most of the time the first half an hour is folding different ways, but after they use it really effectively.

Notes for further use: 

Just use your creativity!!!!

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