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Type of tool: 
60-90 min
Topics addressed: 
Social inclusion

Have you ever set a plan and were about to accomplish your goals until you made a wrong step that costed you time and effort?
Strategic decision making is challenging to reach our goals.
If you are up to the challenge then Check-Cohesion is your choice


Empower participants to be engaged in activities that promote social cohesion


A series of questions will be asked with each move and they will range from simple to complex questions. Some questions will require direct answers; other questions will be based on problem solving and cooperative approaches in which participants are involved in hands on activities.

Step by step process: 

•Introduce the rationale behind this game (Aim +Objectives)

•Distribute the brochures (handout about social cohesion)
-Participants will read the information
-Participants will ask in case they need any clarifications about the content of the brochure

•Collect the brochures from the participants

•Three teams will play this game.
-Divide the participants into 3 teams
-Teams A, B and C
-Team A will be the jury which includes (3-4) participants
-Teams B&C will be chosen randomly:
Team B: (5-6) Players
Team C: (5-6) Players
-Members of Teams B&C will choose the name of their team
-Team A members will get the brochures back

•Communicate the instructions with the teams
-Each team will start from the first blue row (opposite to each other)
-A coin will be used to determine the starting team
-Letters that form the words "SOCIAL" and "COHESION" will be placed on the squares.
-Each team will have one piece to move across the board to collect as many letters as the team members can to form at least one word "social" or/and
-Accompanied with each move is a question/activity that each team will answer /do correctly/logically.
-Each team will have a turn to answer a question.
-Closed questions will be asked first then complex questions

The moves are as follows:
Yellow: move piece forward
Red: move piece horizontally
Blue: move piece diagonally
-Closed questions will be asked for the moves in the first 3 rows
-Open-ended questions will be asked for the fourth and middle rows

-Teams' Roles:
Team A
-Comment if the answers are acceptable based on the brochure
-Track the teams' progress on collecting letters using a flip chart
-Announce the winner (with the most collected letters that form at least one of the words)
Teams B&C
-Work collaboratively
-Choose a representative to say the answers for closed questions
-Choose a representative to move the piece
-Reflect after answering the open-ended questions

-Distribute the evaluation sheet
-All participants will make a general oral reflection and then fill in the evaluation sheet

Materials and resources: 

-Board game
-Set of questions
-Table and 10-20 chairs
-Sticky notes


At the end of the activity, participants
• Identify the actions they can take to contribute in creating a social cohesive society
• Develop empathy with refugees and appreciate their contributions.
• (Refer to the attached Brochure):
1. Definition of social cohesion
2. Identify the characteristics of a cohesive society
3. Identify what promote social cohesion


All participants will make a general oral reflection and then fill in the evaluation sheet(attached)

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