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The tools presented

One time that the process of selection will be finalized, you will see in this area appearing a TITLE, SUMMARY and DIRECT LINK to the descriptive form of the TOOLS that will be presented at TF KOSOVO 2017.


  • Linda Çavdarbasha
    Environmental education is a powerful tool for addressing environmental and social issues both in the short term and long term.Can help increase knowledge, build skills, influence attitudes, and promote action to help achieve positive environmental change

  • Dragana Petrushevska
    The Citizen Journalist Initiative is tool for all citizens who want to express their opinions about the issues they find interesting or worth to be discussed in public.

  • Dorentina Berisha
    Encouraging community citizens to invite their cultural heritage authorities through their own or group initiatives to seek in responsibility for the legal protection of cultural objects in their respective mechanism in order to promote urban identity.

  • Dino Sinanović
    The package of cards was created during the training course "DixIt Yourself", by turning personal stories about different aspects of interculturality (e.g. Me and the Other, Go closer- curiosity, Diversity, Ambiguity) into visual form.

  • Bozina Stesevic
    Interactive workshop dealing with the issues of prejudice and stereotypes, emphasizing on similarities between people, and promoting diversity and equality.

  • Anes Memišević
    To enable participants to bring/share the specific and real examples that international projects made a positive change in young people's lives.