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TF Kosovo 2017

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Friday, 20 October, 2017
Welcoming and launch of TF KOSOVO 2017
Friday, 20 October, 2017
Theoretical input 1

THEORETICAL INPUTS are real moments of specialized knowledge sharing by technicians or experts, aimed at enriching the scientific and methological background of Youth Workers.

Room/place: Pleanary room
The European Association for Local Democracy ALDA in co-operation with eight Local Democracy Agencies - LDAs in Balkan countries ( ) and the European Comission's... »»
According to me, the specificity of the Balkan area is given by its extraordinary cultural diversity that becomes and is an incomparable richness.One additional reason for me is to have seen and met... »»
Local Democracy Agency Kosovo as one of ALDA members in the Balkans and the host to pilot TF welcomes the youth workers of the Balkan Youth Platform for Co-operation and Dialogue willing to further... »»
Welcome text from LDA Kosovo coordinator or the local organising team. Elbert Krasniqi

The main topic the pilot TF in Kosovo 2017 - Cultural participation

Some of the key findings in the research works on youth participation and youth mobility in the Balkans conducted in 2015 and 2016 have shown significant systemic obstacles to effective participation of youth in local public life and opportunities for youth mobility in the region. The legacy of the past conflicts and weak economies are frequently mentioned as the main reasons for a general abstention of youth. However, it has become evident that the lack of public policy   incentives for programmes in culture, education, health, social inclusion, media, employment are the key obstacles for engaging youth to participate more effectively in making the factual change happen. Development of non-formal education tools for youth workers in local communities as an important component of the Balkan Youth Platform for Co-operation and Dialogue serves here as the grounds for bottom-up approach to promoting the culture of participation, the culture of dialogue, the culture to promote creativity and innovation, the culture of boosting the interest in arts and science, the culture of respect for diversity, the culture of knowledge about cultural heritage, the culture of inter-sector co-operation and partnership building…