Hand puppets tell inclusion stories




Rūta Kronberga

Title Of Tool

Hand puppets tell inclusion stories


8,9,10,11th November (11th November Presentation/Exhibition)

 Duration / Room

1 hour per session / Tal Linja

Workshop Outline

This method unites reflection in personal level and different aspects of playfulness. In the first part of the tool participants will reflect on their own personal inclusion / exclusion stories using various senses. They will also jump into the shoes of other people by discovering their stories, the way how they look to the world and different processes. Impressions, stories, reflection in a playful way will be developed and created as hand puppet characters. This will be time and space for participants to play with these characters and perform different situations. Process to create puppets will provide time to play with materials, look to them from other perspective and give freedom to creative expressions. 


1) to reflect on personal inclusion stories and stories of other social groups in order increase the level of empathy and raise awareness of various realities;

2) to embody stories using hands, creativity and create hand puppets in order to perform created and discovered stories as short performances. 

The Spirit/Motto

Back to the childhood!

Method Description/Programme

Day 1: Creating stories.

Participants will reflect on their personal experiences using different senses and creating common group stories.


Day 2: Stories and puppets.

Stepping in the shoes of other people - discovering their stories.


Day 3: Playing with materials and creating puppets.

We will play and reDiscover different materials and create puppets.


Day 4: The Exhibition.

Combining reflections, stories and discoveries we will create a short puppet performance!

What can you get participating to this exploration?

1) new ideas how to use hand puppets for educational purpose;

2) to reflect on personal inclusion / exclusion story and situation;

3) get to know stories and points of view of other social groups.