Connecting through stories (create your own Graphic Zine)

Presenter Nadine Noko
Title of Tool

Connecting Through Stories (Create Your Own Graphic Zine)


8,9,10,11th November (11th November Presentation/Exhibition)

Duration / Room

1 hour per session / Karettun


During this workshop participants will create their own graphic short stories, work collaboratively on a comic anthology. Participants will learn how to use graphic novels as a tool during their sessions. 

The Spirit/Motto

Everyone can be a superhero

Method Description/Programme

The workshop will take participants on a journey exploring the art of visual storytelling. Participants will explore narrative and storytelling through drawing, working from both observation and imagination. They will turn other participants & inanimate objects into characters. They will learn how to develop a story, create movement & sequence.

Subjects covered will be panel to panel story structure, developing characters, environmental drawing.

What can you get participating to this exploration?

Workshop participants can use this popular format to connect with young people, facilitate communication as well as improve critical thinking.